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We are super excited to announce that Maddy has booked the role of Amber Barnes in upcoming Cine max series Outcast, from creator Robert Kirkman, known for the Walking Dead. Maddy will be a recurring guest star on the show, which premieres this coming summer. Her first appearance will be in the second episode. You can check out the shows official website, or read more about it on imdb. A few months ago, Maddy got to do a special concept shoot with one of her favorite photographers alex.kruk photography! Maddy’s younger sister, Violet, was also part of the very cool shoot! Maddy showed to be very brave, and wore a snake around her neck in some of the photos! You can see all the photos of Maddy by clicking images below. If you want to see the amazing complete shoot by Alex Kruk, head over to her photography site by clicking here, and here.

Madeleine Grace McGraw – a.k.a. “Maddy” – was born on December 22nd, 2008. Maddy hit the ground running at the age of 4 with both acting and modeling and has since booked various print campaigns and commercials (local and national). Nothing stops this talented 5 year old from succeeding in show business and recently Maddy landed a guest starring role on the hit FOX series, Bones, another guest star role on ABC’s brand new series, Selfie and a role in Clint Eastwood’s upcoming motion picture, American Sniper, where she will play alongside Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller. Maddy currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area together with her mom, dad, older brother Jack, twin brother Aidan, and younger sister Violet. Maddy and her family don’t hesitate to pursue opportunities in Los Angeles and frequently travel down south for auditions and, of course, her exciting bookings. View Maddy’s resume here.
Maddy was born exactly one minute after her twin brother Aidan.
All of Maddy’s siblings are also in the entertainment industry.
Maddy loves to get her hair and make-up done on set.
Maddy’s first job was a print job for Ralph Lauren.
Maddy enjoys attending gymnastics and playing soccer.
Maddy became a member of the Screen Actors Gulid (SAG)

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